Started off by using the Alchemaic skin gel on my father's arm bruises and cuts. Within days his arms looked much better and the bruises were drastically reduced. A little over a month later they were all but gone. I started using it on my bald head after shaving, and it works MUCH better than aftershave, plus my skin looks much nicer than any aftershave can do. I can't recommend this enough, it's will clear your skin of any bruises/cuts.

Patrick Fraser

I had a big hormonal zit right next to my left eye. I was gifted the alchemaic skin gel and after I immediately put the skin gel on my problem area, I noticed how my zit shrunk in size in just 6 hours. Within 24 hours my zit completely went away.

Carmelo Figueroa

Since the winter season is here I recently have been experiencing dry cracked fingertips and even my face was starting to feel chapped. After using this skin gel, my skin felt so smooth. This product have really changed the state of my skin all thanks to Alchemaic!

Marissa Espiritu

this skin gel is phenomenal! I had an unfortunate horrible breakout but when I was introduced to the alchemaic skin gel, it fixed my breakout. Once i put it on my breakout throughout the course of 24 hours my breakout became less visible less red and less inflamed and even better it reduced any possible scarring.

leia valderama